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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the common questions and their answers

  • 1What is Enseadev?

    Enseadev is a web application that enables you to plan and share your posts on various social channels quickly. The primary purpose is to allow you to manage multiple social channels from one location. Hence with our tool, you will be able to synchronize all your favourite social channels and start posting directly from our tool. 

  • 2Do I need any technical knowledge to connect on your tool?

    No ! You don't need any technical skills to use our tool. We have done all the settings for you. Once you create and log into your account, all you will need to do is, select your social channel, then approve the connexion. After agreeing on the connexion between our tool and your social channel, you will be able to share your content directly from our dashboard. 

  • 3Can I use the tool with my team?

    Yes! You can use the tool with your team. For instance, we provide you with the option to add more people from your account to manage your social channels quickly. You need to create your account, then from your dashboard, go on the tab "team" and invite more people to join your account. 

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